W.D. Colledge Co. Ltd. was founded in 1953 by its namesake, William Colledge, and has since become a national representative for leading manufacturers in the food service industry. We now have offices across the country-in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Halifax-in addition to our headquarters in Toronto, where our test kitchen, showroom, and warehouse are located.
With their extensive knowledge base and expertise in commercial food service, our employees have gained the confidence of dealers, consultants, restaurant chain operators, and institutional end-users in the health care, long-term care, correctional, and military sectors. Our products include everything from commercial kitchen appliances to small kitchen tools, tableware, and even chef apparel-everything you need to outfit your commercial kitchen and the people in it.
Committed to excellence and efficiency, W.D. Colledge Co. Ltd. is a proud member of the Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry (MAFSI) and maintains their MTC-201 for company technology. Our top management has completed the Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative (CPMR) training, and many of our sales representatives are Smart Serve certified.
The manufacturers represented by W.D. Colledge are among the best, most well-known in the industry. Their products are the premier food service supplies-high performance and energy efficient. These are the brands you know you can trust, and W.D. Colledge is their trusted representative. Our sales team stretches from coast to coast, so even nationwide chains can deal with a single company and always get personal service.


Cam Andress – Alberta

 I was born and raised in Brockville and Rockport, Ontario. Once while snowboarding in B.C., I broke my leg 15,000 feet up a mountain and rode out. That’s right. No heli extraction for this guy.
My favorite meals are usually when I travel – Café Ponte and Ceviche in the St. Pete, Florida area and The Mission and Giuseppe’s in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sometimes I refer to my wife as my “current wife” to help keep her honest. And if I were to do anything outside of foodservice, it would probably be something in the automotive industry. I love cars.
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Frank Chiarantano – Ontario

Most people don’t know that I was a skydiver. I gave it up, and my wife is a lot happier. Now I spend my time driving around the track in my cart, time permitting. I also collect pop rock records from the 70s and 80s. The artists of that era played an integral part in my early years growing up.
My favorite food? Osso bucco. The best osso bucco I’ve ever had in my life was at Biagio Ristorante. It was closest to tasting like my mother prepared, and she is an amazing cook.
Speaking of cooking, if I wasn’t working in the foodservice equipment and supplies industry, I would have been a professional hockey or lacrosse referee.
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Michael Collier – Atlantic

 There are a few things about me people may not know. First of all, I love jive dancing – East Cast swing, cha-cha, etc. I also love the local indie wrestling circuit. In fact, if I wasn’t selling foodservice equipment and supplies, I would probably be involved in wrestling. Or cruise ships.
My favorite meal is a tie. I love pulled pork and chicken.
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Jim Harlow – Ontario

 I love food. I’ve been to Italy to take cooking lessons, and I spent some time harvesting olives. In fact, if I was not selling foodservice equipment, I’d probably be buying it as I ran my restaurant.
Speaking of restaurants, my favorite restaurant is The Lord Nelson, where I’d order a great steak with a Caesar salad prepared tableside.
In my spare time, I love to go salmon fishing off the coast of B.C.
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Clark Irvine – Northern Ontario

CELL: (705) 444-4861‬

Kevin Kerr – Ontario

After being out of the foodservice industry for the past year I recognized just how much it is part of my life. I love the people, the energy, and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships in an industry that impacts everyone. If I wasn’t in foodservice, I wouldn’t be working. This is it for me, it is what I love to do and I am blessed to get up every day to do something I enjoy, with people I like.

Something that you might know about me is that I love to run. If my knees and hips only shared the same enthusiasm it is something I’d do every day. If my body is the mood, a long run is one of my favorite personal activities.

If you want to know more about what guides me in my life, it is the poem “The Man in Glass.” I came across it in an audiobook I was listening to in a long drive from Idaho to Calgary. I try to keep this in the back of my mind and act accordingly.

(613) 561-6639

Gino Licursi – Quebec

I am also a singer, song writer. I play the guitar, bass guitar, and the drums, and I love the aviation world. I also love homemade lasagna.
How much do I like aviation? If I wasn’t selling foodservice equipment and supplies in Quebec, I would probably be a commercial aviation pilot.
(514) 365-3753 | CELL: (514) 894-3828

Mike Licursi – Quebec

 You might not know it, but I came close to entering politics with Jean Drapeau’s party when I was in my early thirties. I eventually refused because I saw too many dirty tricks, which I wasn’t used to, and I didn’t like it.
You also might not know I was good friends with the late Maurice “Rocket” Richard. I had a men’s wear shop that made made-to-measure suits for many hockey and football players, including the Rocket, who became a good friend. He was a very shy person and didn’t like the spotlight. No one was better “from the blue line in.” Strength and determination were his big assets. I always dreamt of becoming a GM in the NHL.
Speaking of strengths, my wife makes the best home-made gnocchi.
(514) 365-3753 | CELL: (514) 592-2499

Tim Moffatt – British Columbia

A couple of things you might not know about me are I played the violin as a child, and I coached minor hockey for seven years.
My favourite meal is actually a combination of meals. I really enjoy eating steak and sushi together. If I wasn’t selling foodservice equipment and supplies with W.D. Colledge, I would like still be in the industry owning my own diner.

Claudio Ottoni – Quebec

I like to do many things. I am a professional musician and play in a wedding band on weekends. I love to cook at home for family and friends. What do I like to eat? Artisanal pizza. One of my all-time favorites is a traditional pizza cooked with an old Neapolitan recipe. Gema Pizza in Little Italy is my favorite.
If I wasn’t selling foodservice equipment and supplies, I would probably be an owner an host of a cozy, Italian-style restaurant with live music. Of course, I would preform on special occasions.
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Matt Roth – Ontario

I get stopped once a week with people telling me I look like the actor Ed Norton (with less hair). I actually signed a photo for someone’s bar, and it’s still hanging there.
Harmony Lunch is my favorite restaurant. It’s a great little burger joint in uptown Waterloo, Ontario, where they serve pork burger sliders topped with mile high fried onions. The pork burger recipe has been in the family for three generations. It’s the absolute best!
I was almost a tool and die maker by trade, just like my dad. I was taking an apprenticeship and working for a hydraulic repair company for a year, while working part time at a restaurant. The restaurant needed someone full time, so I thought I would do it for a while. I ended up staying there for 17 years. Funny how life works sometimes.
I’ve been working in foodservice for 27+ years strong, but if I wasn’t, I’d be running a fishing charter in the Caribbean. I love being around people, warm weather, and fishing.
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Steve Tyler – Ontario

I am not the guy from Aerosmith. I like long walks on the beach… NOT. But a walk on the golf course is nice. Boating is a pleasure I would like to do more of. I am known to be associated with beer, but not many believe I also like wine, bourbon, and tequila. My wife and I like exploring the world, but so far it’s been mostly just North America. I’m anally detailed, but everyone knows that. Craps is my vice of choice.
My favorite restaurant is the Keg Steakhouse. It’s consistently good. That being said, my favourite food is not steak, but seafood (raw, steamed, fried, broiled… it doesn’t matter). If I wasn’t in foodservice equipment, I would probably fallback to my past life of designing foodservice facilities. If I wasn’t in foodservice at all, I would probably be fixing or building houses or boats. If I won the lottery, I would probably go learn to be a brewmaster just for fun.
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Scott Westman – Manitoba and Saskatchewan

I’m a person who is passionate about politics, and I’m a treasure trove of useless facts. My favourite website is Wikipedia.
My favourite meal? How about any form of potato. Any type. I love chips, fries, baked potato, smashed. You name it. And if I wasn’t in foodservice equipment and supplies, I’d probably be a pilot.
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Chris Jeens – Ontario

It’s not much of a secret anymore, but rock and roll is a big part of my life outside WDC. It’s inevitable. Also, I’m actually pretty skilled in the kitchen because I get to learn by watching Dave, Dan, and Mikael (plus all the other chefs I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.)
One of my most memorable meal experiences ever was at Mallard Cottage in St. John’s, Newfoundland, with 30 of my close friends. If you were there, you agree… about both the meal and the friendship. It’s an amazing thing how people can bond around food.
But what if I didn’t work in food? Travel. Non-stop. Starting in Europe. Barcelona, maybe. Then on to the next place. Then I wake up.
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Neville Jeens – Ontario

I can’t imagine that anyone would find this interesting, but I have an immense interest in the history of the First World War and the European Theatre of World War Two. I also like flying. In fact, if the last 50 years hadn’t involved selling foodservice equipment, I would have been in the RCAF flying CF-104’s before joining an airline to fly passenger aircrafts.

At some point in the next few years, I would love to visit New Zealand with my wife, Gretchen. When we travel, we like to eat, and the most enjoyable meals are the simple ones. The Sea Horse in Pass-a-Grille, Florida – open for breakfast and lunch only – serves a fabulous corned beef hash. It’s probably not healthy, but it’s good.

I also lived beside John Candy for several years in the mid-50’s, and I still have a picture of John, his brother Jim, and me in our snowsuits and hats with the built in earmuffs.

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Duane- W.D. Colledge

Duane MacNeill – Inside Sales Coordinator – Middleby Brands

My interest in all things culinary began in my mid-thirties. I purchased a Chef Revival denim chef coat while attending a series of cooking classes. A few years later I sold my company and decided to pursue a career as a chef, enrolled in the Culinary Management program at Humber College and apprenticed in a bistro.

It was during that time that I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the Canadian distribution rights for Chef Revival.

W.D. Colledge were my reps. Together we built San Jamar/Chef Revival into two dominating brands from coast to coast. Now I have the privilege of working as a member of the team.

As a sideline, I purchased, renovated and flipped houses (14 in total). Now I enjoy cooking, hiking, cycling and playing guitar.

(905) 677-4428 X200

Steve MacKell (MAC Sales) – Southern Alberta Middleby Brand Sales

I grew up in Edmonton and Calgary. As a child I lived in hotels; my father was a CP Hotel Manager/Regional VP.

I graduated from SAIT with a diploma in Hotel Restaurant Management. I then worked in various hotels until 1990. I joined Cassidy’s as a Territory Sales rep and ultimately ended up in National Account Management. Started as a sub-agent rep in 2000 and started MAC Sales & Marketing in 2002.

I have been married to my wife Sue for 29 years, and we enjoy golfing together. We have two beautiful daughters – Kylie 26 and Alexa 23. Harley (in the photo and 17 this year) and a lifelong Oiler Fan as well! DUH!

My favorite meal is anything with Alberta Beef and my favorite restaurant is The Nash.

My favorite pastimes – I’m addicted to BBQ, feeding family and friends with my Cookshack Smoker & Wood Fired Grill. I also enjoy to golf, even though I don’t do it very well.

If I wasn’t selling Food Service Equipment, I would be Fly Fishing the world class Bow River in Calgary or teaching sailing.

Amanda Erwin – Ontario

Something Interesting: I’ve played competitive baseball my whole life, and I’m learning to speak Arabic.
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: My Mom’s Lasagna
My Dream Job Aside from WDC: Correctional Officer or Firefighter
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Mark Fischer – Ontario

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Nancy Flagel – Ontario

Something Interesting: I sing in a barbershop chorus and am an avid bowler.
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: Wingfields
My Dream Job Aside from WDC: Playing Goofy at Disney.
(877) 677-4428, Ext 201

Bob Morrison – Ontario

(877) 677-4428, Ext 202

John Klingle (MAC Sales) – Northern Alberta Middebly Brand Sales

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