W.D. Colledge Co. Ltd. was founded in 1953 by its namesake, William Colledge, and has since become a national representative for leading manufacturers in the food service industry. We now have offices across the country-in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Halifax-in addition to our headquarters in Toronto, where our test kitchen, showroom, and warehouse are located.
With their extensive knowledge base and expertise in commercial food service, our employees have gained the confidence of dealers, consultants, restaurant chain operators, and institutional end-users in the health care, long-term care, correctional, and military sectors. Our products include everything from commercial kitchen appliances to small kitchen tools, tableware, and even chef apparel-everything you need to outfit your commercial kitchen and the people in it.
Committed to excellence and efficiency, W.D. Colledge Co. Ltd. is a proud member of the Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry (MAFSI) and maintains their MTC-201 for company technology. Our top management has completed the Certified Professional Manufacturer’s Representative (CPMR) training, and many of our sales representatives are Smart Serve certified.
The manufacturers represented by W.D. Colledge are among the best, most well-known in the industry. Their products are the premier food service supplies-high performance and energy efficient. These are the brands you know you can trust, and W.D. Colledge is their trusted representative. Our sales team stretches from coast to coast, so even nationwide chains can deal with a single company and always get personal service.


Chris Jeens – Ontario

(877) 677-4428  Ext 203 | CELL: (416) 346-2602

Neville Jeens – Ontario

(877) 677-4428  Ext 204 | CELL: (416) 420-0002

Cam Andress – Alberta

(877) 677-4428 | CELL: (780) 886-8928

Frank Chiarantano – Ontario

(877) 677-4428  Ext 207 | CELL: (780) 886-8928

Michael Collier – Atlantic

(877) 677-4428 | CELL: (902) 456-5175

Jim Harlow – Ontario

(877) 677-4428  Ext 208 | CELL: (416) 346-3104

Gino Licursi – Quebec

(514) 365-3753 | CELL: (514) 894-3828

Mike Licursi – Quebec

(877) 677-4428 | CELL: (514) 592-2499

Claudio Ottoni – Quebec

(877) 677-4428 | CELL: (514) 953-0984

Matt Roth – Ontario

(877) 677-4428 | CELL: (519) 998-7880

Steve Tyler – Ontario

(877) 677-4428  Ext 215 | CELL: (519) 212-6504

Scott Westman – Greater Canada

(877) 677-4428 | CELL: (204) 333-5304

Tim Moffatt – British Columbia


Kathy Brearley – Ontario

Something Interesting: Kathy is a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan.
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: La Castile and Alaskan King Crab

Amanda Erwin – Ontario

Something Interesting: I’ve played competitive baseball my whole life, and I’m learning to speak Arabic.
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: My Mom’s Lasagna
My Dream Job Aside from WDC: Correctional Officer or Firefighter

Nancy Flagel – Ontario

Something Interesting: I sing in a barbershop chorus and am an avid bowler.
Favorite Restaurant/Meal: Wingfields
My Dream Job Aside from WDC: Playing Goofy at Disney.