There’s a lot going on in Toronto and Greater Ontario. Not to mention, it’s the headquarters of our W.D. Colledge team. Anyone in the Ontario area is cordially invited to stop by our facility to meet our team and our chefs. We enjoy providing foodservice solutions to the businesses we frequent ourselves.

We proudly represent the following manufacturers in Ontario:

apw wyott logo

APW Wyott

Featuring equipment like charbroilers, griddles, hot plates, fryers, grills, and other countertop cooking equipment, APW Wyott serves customers in the fast food, casual and fine dining, convenience store, supermarket, and hospitality markets.
Bakers Pride Canada

Bakers Pride

Bakers Pride cooking equipment includes pizza deck ovens, reliable ranges and charbroilers, compact conveyor ovens, and fast speed ovens that are trusted by chefs and operators for longevity, quality, and energy efficiency.
Beech Ovens

Beech Ovens

An industry leader in the manufacturing of spectacular cooking equipment, the Beech Ovens product range is comprehensive and designed for commercial kitchens, including wood-fired ovens, stone hearth ovens, pizza ovens, and much more.

Beverage Air

Beverage Air are the industry leaders in quality in the commercial refrigeration equipment designed for the food service industries.
Blodgett Canada


When it comes to quality commercial ovens, nobody makes them better than Blodgett. Founded in 1848, Blodgett's nearly two centuries of experience have made them the leading manufacturer of commercial ovens in the world.


Bloomfield supplies high-quality and dependable products that include coffee and iced tea brewers, coffee warmers, insulated beverage dispensers, and glass coffee pots to the foodservice community.

BlueZone by Middleby

Bluezone by Middleby is a patented, advanced technology for indoor air purification. This no-filter air purification system used by the U.S. military that destroys 99.9995% of viruses and other indoor contaminants such as bacteria, mold and gases impacting indoor air quality.

BSI Designs

From guard to ground, BSI does it all when it comes to foodservice equipment. Everything from food guards to floor troughs to serving counters and everything in between, BSI offers a wide range of innovative products built to improve your foodservice operation.
Champion Moyer Diebel Canada


Specialists in energy-efficient dishwashing and glasswashing machines, Champion Moyer Diebel offers two of the most trusted names in the industry, with combined experience of over a century. They also design and manufacture Bi-Line conveyor systems.
Chef Revival

Chef Revival

Comfortable, stylish, and most importantly functional, Chef Revival chef and crew apparel is designed by culinary professionals, for culinary professionals. No wonder it's the brand of choice in kitchens around the world.


With proprietary technology, Chowbotics robots count calories, deliver precise portions, and serve up vibrant, forward-thinking food. Sally, their debut robot, serves customizable, made-to-order salads while reducing food waste and labor costs.

Concordia Beverage Systems

Concordia offers a full-range of super-automatic espresso machines. You'll see their passion for coffee and innovation in their reliability.
CookTek Cananda


CookTek is the leading innovator in induction warming, cooking, and heated delivery systems for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Under TurboChef Technologies, Inc., the CookTek brand is dedicated to innovative product development and superior customer service.
Cool Drain Flow Canada

Cool Drain Flow

Cool Drain Flow, Inc. is family-owned and operated in Cincinnati, OH. Since opening in 2010, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. We provide outstanding customer service and unique drain water tempering kits.
Crown Steam Group

Crown Steam Group

Put the power of innovative steam cooking equipment in your kitchen. Together, with Crown, Market Forge, and Firex, no other Steam company offers such a broad line of steam equipment packed with depth and technology, as exists with the Crown Steam Group.

English MFG

English Manufacturing specializes in sneeze guards for the foodservice industry. With three different product lines, and custom options and accessories, English is focused on meeting your operational needs and staying within budget.
Equipex Canada


SODIR products by Equipex are creatively designed, attractively styled countertop cooking appliances such as hot dog machines, griddles, waffle irons, and crepe makers. These small, practical electric appliances fit just about anywhere and allow for broader menu choices.
Evo Canada


Display cooking equipment is used by leading foodservice operations to prepare and present innovative food concepts to optimize sales, minimize costs and reduce waste with an emphasis on freshness and sustainability.

Federal Industries

Federal Industries fresh food merchandising displays include refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and hot display cases, as well as specialty and custom designs. Their near-century of experience shows in their craftsmanship, but innovation keeps their cases at the industry's forefront.


For over forty years, Firex has been manufacturing catering equipment, responding to the different needs of the vast foodservice industry.
Fisher Manufacturing Canada

Fisher Faucets

Fisher Manufacturing has been producing high-performing, dependable plumbing fixtures and hardware for commercial applications for almost 75 years. Providing the most advanced commercial plumbing systems available, Fisher is a world leader in commercial plumbing supply.
Frontline International Canada

Frontline International

Frontline International offers right-sized Smart Oil Management™ solutions to match your evolving needs. Frontline International equipment works as hard as you do to help maximize your oil usage and profits.

Globe Food Equipment Co.

Globe offers best-in-class slicers, mixers, and scales and a competitive array of distinctive foodservice equipment. Globe is more than a brand name, it’s a promise of consistently delivered excellence. Globe Food Equipment is dedicated to your success.
Grosfillex Canada


Grosfillex has established itself as a leader in the commercial grade indoor and outdoor furniture industry through its unique design, quality and value.
Hamilton Beach Commercial Canada

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is a leading brand of blenders, mixers, and small kitchen appliances known for its "good thinking" and innovation. Reliable, powerful, and stylish, Hamilton Beach appliances can help increase profits and efficiencies in commercial kitchens.


Irinox is Known worldwide as the blast chilling and shock freezing experts. Since 1989, we have been manufacturing innovative blast chillers and shock freezers that preserve food products' organic qualities, freshness and nutritional values.
Jade Range ovens

Jade Range

Committed to providing the best in quality cooking equipment since 1968, Jade Range strives to deliver a durable, efficient, sustainable oven ranges and heavy-duty cooking systems.

L2F Inc. Food Automation

Making bar and commercial kitchen operations easy via food service automation, machine learning, & AI. L2F serves stadiums,entertainment centers, and more.


Since 1947, LTI has repeatedly introduced innovations that have pushed the foodservice market to new heights and is an industry leader in the manufacturing of hot, cold, frozen and convertible modular food-well systems and serving counters.
MagiKitch'n Canada


The name MagiKitch'n is virtually synonymous with quality and durability. Manufacturers of high-performance charbroilers, griddles, and outdoor catering products, MagiKitch'n prides itself on making high-performance equipment for high-volume kitchens.
Market Forge Canada

Market Forge

Put the power of innovative steam cooking equipment in your kitchen with Market Forge, manufacturers of a full line of heavy duty steamers, kettles, boilers and skillets.
Marsal Pizza Ovens Canada


For over forty years, Marsal has manufactured exclusive, innovative restaurant equipment including commercial deck pizza ovens and refrigerated prep tables that have revolutionized the pizza industry.
Metro Foodservice Canada


Since 1929, Metro (InterMetro) has been a leading manufacturer of storage and transport equipment for the foodservice industry. With innovative, green, cost-effective solutions, Metro puts your space to work for you.


MIBRASA ® is a closed barbeque grill invented and made in our workshops. Made from the best quality steel by expert hands, our grills are designed to satisfy even the most demanding chefs.
Pitco Canada


There's only one name to know when it comes to frying: Pitco. The leading producer of reliable, energy-efficient, high-product commercial fryers, Pitco also offers pasta cookers and rethermalizers for commercial foodservice applications.

Powerhouse Dynamics

Powerhouse Dynamics is an enterprise energy management system that reduces energy costs for restaurants, retail, and convenience store chains.
Price Castle Canada

Prince Castle

A global foodservice equipment manufacturer, Prince Castle pioneered such commercial kitchen solutions as contact toasters and holding bins, and the company continues to offer innovative products, timely solutions, and excellent service.


RDT is home to the industry’s leading commercial refrigeration equipment. With our full range of solutions, operators will experience a range of benefits designed to increase efficiency and profitability of foodservice establishments and other operations.
Salvajor Foodservice Canada


Salvajor manufactures dish scrapping solutions for any size operation including: disposers & disposer controls; disposer based scrapping systems; and food waste collector systems.
San Jamar Canada

San Jamar

Safety is paramount at San Jamar. The company provides disposable dispensing equipment, personal protection, scales, timers, and food handling products to keep commercial kitchens safe. With innovation and quality, San Jamar has been an industry leader for over 20 years.
Southbend Canada


Southbend ranges, ovens, and steam equipment are engineered to perform and built to last. The company is recognized as a global leader in the manufacture of commercial cooking equipment by chefs, consultants, and foodservice industry leaders.  

Synesso Espresso Machines

Synesso offers a wide selection of quality coffee equipment, espresso machines and accessories. There is a wide range of traditional and super automatic espresso machines from the top brands.
TableCraft Canada


TableCraft is focused upon exceeding the highest standards of commercial quality while staying on track with today's trends in buffet service collections and classic and contemporary tabletop products. TableCraft delivers creative design, elevated style and one-of-a-kind product versatility.
TUCS Equipment Canada


TUCS Equipment can provide custom designed cook/chill, packaging and product handling solutions for foodservice operations and food production facilities.


Turbochef uses patented technology to speed the cooking process with its range of versatile, energy-efficient, ventless rapid-cook ovens. These accelerated cooking solutions are ideal for commercial and industrial foodservice applications.
u-line canada


For over five decades, U-Line continues to be a leader in innovation, quality, and value in the premium modular ice making, refrigeration, and wine preservation market.


Varimixer makes solid equipment, designed to last for years. Mixers that can handle hard work, every day, in bakeries, kitchens, and food production lines.


With a 65-year track record, Victory is a leading manufacturer of commercial foodservice refrigeration products, providing the ultimate in energy efficiency, food safety, storage flexibility, reliability, and durability.


For over 40 years, the Wunder-bar soda gun system can dispense a combination of carbonated and non-carbonated fountain drinks.


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I love being a chef, but if I were doing anything else it would be home renovations, general contracting, or some type of woodworking. I’ve built plenty of furniture in my basement workshop, and I helped renovate three kitchens in my youth.
Speak of kitchens and youth, I used to work at KEG restaurant for many years in my teens. I loved it then, and I still love it now. In fact, it’s my favorite restaurant.
For meals, I love a BBQ’d steak – cap-on, bone-in rib steak done over charcoal with roasted yams that are sliced and grilled for a little extra texture. Add some grilled asparagus and grilled sweet peppers to go with the yams I get from my garden in the summer.
Not flowers. Vegetables. When spring hits, many people don’t realize that’s when my veggie seedlings go in the ground. I use the extra herbs that grow at home for any culinary demos we have at the office test kitchen.
Get to know Chef Dave at one of our upcoming demos:


I’m Chef Dan Frenette. I live in downtown Toronto, but I love long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and listening to 80s love ballads… just kidding!
I actually love being in the great outdoors. I love to climb mountains, to fish, and to enjoy the occasional hunt as long as, in true chef fashion, there’s nothing wasted from the animal. Trophy hunting is wrong on so many levels.
If you want to know my favourite restaurant and meal, it would have to be when I dined at Chef Grant Aschatz’s restaurant, Alinea, in Chicago. It was 24 courses of pure bliss! They have earned all three of their Michelin Stars if you ask me.
I love working with foodservice equipment, but my real pleasure is cooking on it. I am a chef by trade and will always love to throw down a tasty meal or two for people who like to eat.
Care to take him up on his offer? Visit Chef Dan in the W.D. Colledge test kitchen.

Nothing beats a home-cooked pomodoro sauce with fresh pasta like my nonna used to make. In fact, if I wasn’t in the foodservice equipment industry with W.D. Colledge, I’d probably be in my own Italian restaurant. That is if I hadn’t become a police officer.

In my opinion, classic homemade Italian meals were all made fresh. You can say I grew up eating them, and they developed a sentimental value to me. The way nonna didn’t overwork the dough made her pasta light and delicious.

I started working in kitchens while I was in high school. I learned culinary techniques mostly in the field working in the field, by learning how to be a line chef and mass production in the kitchen. I wanted to up my game and learn the classic techniques in French cuisine, so I decided to go to a culinary school to develop more skills and become a more knowledgeable chef.

One I graduation, I then worked in hotels to gain more experience. Afterwards, I was approached by Chris Jeens for a job at WDC. My expertise in the kitchen was working the grill and as a saucier. Pastry was my least favorite.

See what Chef Mikael has learned through the years. Visit him in our W.D. Colledge test kitchen.


Would you like to speak with foodservice equipment expert in Ontario or visit one of our test kitchens for a foodservice demo?