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Since 1929, Metro (InterMetro) has been a leading manufacturer of storage and transport equipment for the foodservice industry. With innovative, green, cost-effective solutions, Metro puts your space to work for you.

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This Is What Happens When You Hit Mightylite Pan Carriers with a Baseball Bat

Any Jays fans in the house? We have a few in ours, but whether you're a supporter of the Toronto Blue Jays or the L.A. Dodgers, you have to admit a baseball bat can cause damage on any object it strikes.

So what did we do? We took it to one of our favourite pieces of foodservice equipment.

The Keys to a Successful Personal Kitchen Workspace

The corner office. The cockpit. The launchpad. The pitcher's mound. The kitchen. Whatever you like to call the area where you get your best work done, that space is important.

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