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Since 1929, Metro (InterMetro) has been a leading manufacturer of storage and transport equipment for the foodservice industry. With innovative, green, cost-effective solutions, Metro puts your space to work for you.

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Keeping Surfaces Clean And Sanitary With Metro and Microban

The intensity of commercial kitchen operations can be overwhelming. Orders are flying in as fast as prepared meals are leaving. The staff is moving as if in a full-contact ballet, and chefs are literally playing with fire.  And while this magical chaos is in full swing, the foodservice industry has to keep mindful of some very important rules regarding safety. Hot and sharp are quick to come to most people‚Äôs minds. Kitchen cleanliness and food safety, including foodborne illness, are also vital concerns. 

Heated Holding for Takeout and Delivery Programs

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, especially in foodservice. The restaurant industry has seen more changes than just about any other business because of local and national health regulations. Operations underwent a shift towards takeout and delivery to recoup some of the revenue they have lost due to closures and limited seating.

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