Irinox is Known worldwide as the blast chilling and shock freezing experts. Since 1989, we have been manufacturing innovative blast chillers and shock freezers that preserve food products’ organic qualities, freshness and nutritional values.

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The Benefits of Irinox MultiFresh Blast Chillers

Ask a Millennial. Ask her what her biggest values are when it comes to food. You'll likely hear transparency as one of the traits she most admires in a restaurant. He might tell you he prefers when restaurants source ingredients that are local and sustainable. And a third factor you'll almost certainly hear is a restaurant or foodservice operation that focuses on "fresh."

Six Reasons to Use a Blast Chiller

Blast chillers can be some of the most versatile pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen. We obviously have our preference as to what type of blast chillers we prefer as detailed in our blog post, “The Benefits of Irinox MultiFresh Blast Chillers,” but what about the process of blast chilling in general? What are the true advantages of blast chilling?

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