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Federal Industries fresh food merchandising displays include refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and hot display cases, as well as specialty and custom designs. Their near-century of experience shows in their craftsmanship, but innovation keeps their cases at the industry’s forefront.

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The 21 Types of Brushes Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

The right brush matters. In fact, when you look at what brushes impact in commercial kitchens, they’re actually critical. Personal hygiene, cross-contamination, physical contamination, and biological contamination are all real issues in foodservice operations across Canada, and the right kit of brushes can help keep these factors positive.

Here’s the Latest in Hot Self-Serve Merchandising

Foodservice display cases are meant to provide eye-catching visibility while they maintain optimum food-safe temperatures. Federal Industries' new Hot Self Serve Merchandiser rises to the occasion by providing high-quality design without compromising top-of-the-line functionality.

These specialty merchandisers easily complement existing refrigerated units by offering customers a larger variety of grab-and-go options. With precision craftsmanship and quality innovation, Federal's latest Hot Self Serve Merchandiser is an industry gem.

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